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Welcome to my little world! 

Hey there, 

If you're reading this, that means you found your way to my website, and I think that's pretty cool. Thank you for being here! 

I guess I better tell you some stuff about me...

I'm a singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. That much is probably pretty obvious. I grew up in the Northern Suburbs, where I lived from birth to 20 before moving into the city. I started piano lessons at 5, and learnt through to 12 before deciding to pursue singing lessons instead. I knew enough piano to teach myself myself chord progressions and that's when my songs really started to come together. 

I was writing songs from primary school age, and I recorded my first "album" when I was in Grade 6. It was quite average, but I still remember a lot of the songs on it and what a fun time I had recording them on the old PC we had in our house. 

Like many of us, I was a victim of bullying when I was younger, because I was the weirdo who wouldn't stop singing in the playground. I was in my own little world more often than not, which was a source of frustration for most of my teachers. I really came to my own in high school, where I went through my obligatory emo phase at 14, and met Nick Mason, who is now one of my longest friends, and my producer. 

In year 11 & 12 the two of us were in a rock band together (I say this was because we needed to do co-curricular activities to graduate, but I was already in the school musical and play, so really, band was a choice) and we started writing songs together. This is when Nick started producing, and it's his work you hear behind the tracks I release today. 

Some non-music related things about me? I learnt to waterski at 7 years old, and we go skiing and wake-boarding every summer up at Yarrawonga. I have a dog named Charlie, he's the love of my life, my actual human boyfriend, Sam, understands this. He is 14. The dog, not the boyfriend. I think there's no better feeling than driving back into Melbourne, when you come over a hill and see the skyline. I enjoy the anticipation of Saturday night more than the actual Saturday night. I am very excitable. I am obsessed with dachshunds and small pigs and I would really like to domesticate a raccoon one day. 

Oh, and my name is Alex. Welcome! 

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